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Air cleaner stud kit includes aluminum stud, thumb knob, air cleaner lid mounting stop and jam nut. Top thread 5/16", bottom carb thread 5/16" - Holley®

JOES Carburetor Linkage Assembly includes spring mounting hardware giving you all you need for a smooth throttle return. The JOES Brand includes all the right fasteners to make installing and removing your carburetor as efficient as possible. Bend if desired for fitment, cut to length and tap. 1/4"-28 tap required (not included).

Throttle stop helps prevent broken throttle arms with a positive stop. Lightweight aluminum, won't change in use.

Throttle return spring and bracket includes lightweight aluminum bracket, 2 springs, Holley® carb bushing, & misc. hardware. Short for low or tall air cleaners. Only fits small block Chevy.

JOES Carburetor Fitting for Holley (7/8"-20) carburetors. Here's an idea. Move the hex down to where you can actually get a wrench on it. Made from aircraft aluminum and anodized blue for #8 fittings. 

JOES Carburetor Fasteners use a 1/2" wrench, 1/2" socket or get a direct fit with a 1/4" drive ratchet/extension to access fasteners in hard to reach areas easily. No more searching for the correct size socket to fit the fastener, the spring ball of the ratchet head or extension secures the fastener to the tool. 5/16"-18 for use with no carb spacer, anodized black. 5/16"-24 for use with 1" carb spacer, anodized red. Available with or without the studs and sold in packs of 4.

Allstar Fuel Line Kit -8 Line, 9-5/16" CTC Holley 4150 - designed for Holley dual feed carburetors, feature braided -8 line with a -8AN inlet and -4AN fitting with cap for a fuel pressure gauge.

Drain the fuel from your carburetor float bowl into a JOES Fuel Cup. After making your changes, dump the fuel back into your float bowl through the vent tube. Your motor will start right up without cranking it over to generate fuel pressure.

Carburetors hat is for use in place of regular air cleaner to keep debris out of the carburetor while working on the car.

Allstar fuel pump mounting plate is required to mount mechanical style fuel pump to most small block Chevrolet engines. Clear zinc plated finish may also be painted to match original appearance. Mounting hardware included.

Five Star Cowl Induction Cold Air Box. Fits Five Star ABC, S2, Straight-up & Fiberglass Sportsman bodies. Ultra lightweight, strong and durable composite construction. Extensive flow bench testing for peak air flow efficiency. Maximum airflow using air filters as short as 3" without cfm loss. Increased distributor & under hood clearance. Fits a 14" filter element (not included, sold separately). Designed to mate with updated Cowl Air Deflector PN FIV000-5200A (sold separately).



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