Bardahl Fuel Conditioner + Octane Booster

Bardahl Fuel Conditioner + Octane Booster


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Improves Quality of Regular Gasoline by Adding Detergents and Increasing Octane Rating

The Benefits:

  • Increases the octane rating of gasoline
  • Keeps injectors and intake valves clean to maintain power
  • Reduces stalling, hard starting, rough idling and prevents drivability problems
  • Stops knocking, pinging and engine ‘run-on’ to prolong the life of a vehicle
  • Disperses water and protects against rust and corrosion
  • Decreases exhaust emissions and improves fuel economy
  • Safe to use; will not harm O2 sensor, catalytic converter or other components
  • This product is available in 5 oz. ultra concentrated or 12 oz. standard formulations

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