Detail Doctor - Instant Restorer - DTLDOC

Detail Doctor - Instant Restorer - DTLDOC


  • $ 15.99

Detail Doctor Instant Restorer DTLDOC

This amazing product is a vinyl, plastic and leather restorer like no other. There are many such products in the market that make similar claims but more often than not they are a waste of your money. They just don’t do the job for you or might involve scrubbing and cleaning for a long time. But this product works brilliantly and all you need to do is use it once. Why put strain on your hands or spend your precious time cleaning different surfaces in your car when you can do it simply within minutes thanks to this sensational product. One advantage of using this product is that it works equally well on your indoor and outdoor surfaces. You can use it to restore bumpers and racks in your cars at the same time it can be used to get your car’s headlights into their top shape. You can use this product on the door panels, dashboards and mirrors too. No task is difficult for this strong product that can be used safely on delicate surfaces too because it does its job gently and to perfection. You can stop spending money on professional treatments for cars when you can get same results at home for a fraction of the cost.

Location: FLS

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