Flat Jack™

J2 Racing

  • $ 49.98

No longer will your team struggle to lift your car when you get a flat tire.

It is not only time consuming but also dangerous for crew members to lift on the fenders, doors, and windows of the car. Accidents happen all the time and the crew members can incur back and knee injuries, cuts and slices of the skin, and/or smashed hands and feet. The Flat Jack™ greatly reduces the risk of injury by making the process more controlled.

The Flat Jack™ requires just one crew member in the pits to change a flat tire. Although the suggested number of crew members for the most efficient flat tire change using the Flat Jackis three.

    1. Driver firmly holds the brakes throughout the entire pit stop.
    2. The crew member responsible for running the impact gun kneels next to the flat tire and hooks the Flat Jack into the wheel. The tire carrier places a floor jack #1 under the lifting post of the Flat Jack™. The jack man readies floor jack #2 to go under the jack post of the car.
    3. The tire carrier pumps jack #1 until it applies a small amount of pressure to the Flat Jack™. At this point, the impact gun guy lets go of the Flat Jack and steps away to prevent possible injury. The tire carrier then pumps jack #1 to lift the car.
    4. Once the car is high enough for the jack man to get floor jack #2 safely under the car's jack post, the tire carrier lets jack #1 down. The impact gun guy can then remove the Flat Jack™.
    5. The pit stop can then proceed as normal.

This is the tool you hope you'll never need to use, but thankful when you use it.

Need a floor jack?

Flat Jack™ 5x5 is designed to fit most 5x5 wheel and hub combinations. But since there are so many different wheel and hub combinations we provide a 10-day risk free return policy. You must check that your Flat Jack™ doesn't have clearance issues during this test period. If the flat jack does not fit properly, let us know and we will make it right!

      • 15" 5x5 Safety Yellow: Available for Immediate Shipment
      • 15" 5x5 Racin Red: Allow 5 days for Shipment
      • 15" 5x5 Brilliant White: Allow 5 days for Shipment
      • 15" 5x5 Midnight Black: Allow 5 days for Shipment
      • Wide 5 Safety Yellow: Pre-order for 9/9/16 Shipment
      • Wide 5 Racin Red: Pre-order for 9/9/16 Shipment
      • Wide 5 Brilliant White: Pre-order for 9/9/16 Shipment
      • Wide 5 Midnight Black: Pre-order for 9/9/16 Shipment
        • 13" Safety Yellow: Pre-order for 9/13/16 Shipment
        • 13" Racin Red: Pre-order for 9/13/16 Shipment
        • 13" Brilliant White: Pre-order for 9/13/16 Shipment
        • 13" Midnight Black: Pre-order for 9/13/16 Shipment

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