Crate Motor CT400*

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Chevrolet Performance launched the new and improved Circle Track Crate Engine (CT400), p/n 19318604.

The foundation is the same, sturdy iron block with four-bolt mains, a forged crankshaft and high-strength pistons, but enhancements have been made. The new 604's come with the new cylinder head which features "blue" beehive-style valve springs. The engine is easily identified by the Chevrolet Bowtie logo on the end of each head, formerly identified with the GM Performance Logo.

CT400 - Circle Track Crate Engine
Part Number # 19318604

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  • New Fast-Burn head asm. - 19300955
    • Chevrolet "Bowtie" logo
    • Blue beehive valve spring - 12625033
      • More consistent pressure
      • Tested to 6800 rpm
      • Installed height - 1.800"
      • Pressure @ 1800": 90lbs (+/- 5lbs)
      • Free Height: 2.122" (+/- .015")
      • Same as the LS3, CT525 Performance Spring
        • Stronger steel retainers designed for "beehive" valve springs
        • New time-serts instead of helicoil inserts - elimination of oil pass through
        • New machined steel spring seats and split key locks
      • More Durability
      • Increased Stability
      • Enhanced Consistency

    Note: All measurements were taken with Chevrolet Performance components. Use of any other type of components may yield different results.