Longacre - Brake Balance Adjuster - 3/8"-24 - LON44108

Longacre - Brake Balance Adjuster - 3/8"-24 - LON44108

  • $ 68.95
  • Save $ 11

  • Frictionless Polymer bearing mount - for easy, no bind adjustments
  • Adjust with round knob or with handle (can be easily removed)
  • Detents every 90º make precise adjustments easier - "Click" the exact change you want
  • NEW HD braided flex connector - shorter, won't 'wrap up'
  • Easy to rivet to firewall (clearance for rivet gun)
  • 3/8" - 24 connector to your bias bar
  • Rod can be shortened if needed to fit your car. Just cut to length and re-tap
  • Adjustable handle - small turning radius or large (see below)
  • Wide stance mount - helps prevent deflection and wrap-up
  • New lightweight design - T6 Billet aluminum


JOES Brake Balance system features a handle with a short swing so you can mount it nearly anywhere. The smooth action, due to roller bearings, includes 4 ball detents giving you precision adjustability that stays put through vibrations. 12" Hard Line, 60" flex cable.


Proportioning valves allow you to adjust front to rear brake bias with the twist of a knob. These valves provide up to 57 percent reduction.