Schaeffer - Grease - 02292-029S

Schaeffer - Grease - 02292-029S


  • $ 8.49

Schaeffer 02292-029S

Schaeffer’s Ultra Red Supreme Grease NLGI #2 is an aluminum complex, para-synthetic, extra tacky grease for use where a clean grease is needed. Schaeffer’s Ultra Red Supreme Grease NLGI #2 quickly lubricates metal surfaces, offering solid, durable protection that lasts longer than conventional greases. During periods of excessive pressure, heat, cold, moisture and high and low speeds, this versatile grease resists breaking down. Fortified with moly, which provides an extra layer of protection, Ultra Red Supreme Grease NLGI #2 significantly reduces friction, which reduces wear and contact area temperature. Recommended for heavy-duty automotive, construction, mining, farming and industrial equipment. Not recommended for use in passenger car automotive wheel bearings and electric motor bearings.

Location: FLS

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