Schaeffer - Penetrating Oil - 0190-011S

Schaeffer - Penetrating Oil - 0190-011S


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Schaeffer 0190-011S

Stubborn, Rusted Bolts? Grab Penetro 90
Busts Rust, Prevents Thread Stripping
When sprayed onto rusty bolts, Penetro 90 lubricates each rust particle and acts like tiny ball bearings, allowing the rust particles to easily slide over each other. Stubborn bolts loosen and release with ease.

Triple Protection Against Rust
Penetro 90 contains three rust and corrosion inhibitors. This allows Penetro 90 to quickly penetrate deep into the pores of metals and create a highly durable shield against rust and corrosion. This protective barrier also rejects abrasive particles and seals out moisture to provide lasting protection to the bolt’s threads.

Triples Time Between Applications
Solvent-based penetrating oils evaporate quickly and require frequent applications. Not Penetro 90. Its oil-based formula allows it to coat metal surfaces with a light, clear lubricating film that lasts. Even in high moisture conditions, Penetro 90 resists washing off, and keeps metal surfaces protected.

Rapidly penetrates and lubricates.
Frees stuck and rusted parts.
Protects against moisture and corrosion.
Triples the life of hoist chains and sprockets.
Doesn't affect seal materials or coatings.
Doesn't affect seal materials or coatings.
Greatly reduces friction and wear.
Protects against moisture.

Location: FLS

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