Specialty Tools

  • $ 199.95

Tired of busting your knuckles adjusting coil over nuts? Get a JOES Coil Over Spanner Wrench. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum with radiused edges, anodized finish and a replaceable 4130 steel pin. Use the short handle for tight areas. Fits shock nuts from 3" to 3-1/2" diameter.

JOES AN Wrenches have radiused edges, compact design, anodized finish and quality workmanship. The set includes #6(11/16"), #8(7/8"), #10(1"), #12(1-1/4"), and #16(1-1/2").

Allstar Performance AN wrenches are designed to help you safely install or remove AN fittings without damaging the fittings' head or marring up the fittings like normal steel wrenches. -6 AN, -8 AN, -10 AN, -12 AN, -16 AN

JOES Shock Workstation lets you hold on to your shock body and the shaft at the same time, making it a lot faster, easier and cleaner to work on your shocks. Just put the JOES Workstation in a vise and you're ready to go or mount it securely to a workbench or pit cart with our base.

Cutting open your used oil filters for inspection can identify serious problems before they kill your engine and also help you race across the finish line faster. JOES Racing Products oil filter cutters are designed to easily slice the top off all popular spin-on filters to check for debris, metal shavings, etc. It's one tool in your shop that's truly "cutting edge."

Longacre Safety Wire Pliers insures parts stay on car. Quickly and neatly twists wire. A must for high vibration locations.

Rim wrench for straightening the outer edges of a wheel when they get flattened or bent in close competition. This tool will straighten the edge of the wheel and also roll the curl back in the wheel. It will not crease or crack the wheel because of the specially manufactured radiuses.

Make engine changes easier with the Allstar Engine Lift Plate. Simply bolts to manifold in place of carburetor. Gold anodized plate fits standard Holley 4150/4160 and 4500 Dominator, Rochester Quadrajet, Carter Thermo-Quad, Motorcraft and other carburetor bolt patterns.

Eliminate the guesswork of which wrench is needed to tighten, remove or check steel braided hose fittings. Allstar adjustable aluminum wrench prevents damage to fittings and are available in two sizes: 8" for fittings up to a -10. 

Allstar Performance ball joint wrenches are durable steel wrenches designed to remove and install common screw-in upper ball joints that are 1.900 in. wide.

Allstar Performance digital levels take the guesswork out of reading and calculating angles, grades, and plumb. These compact units can be used to measure the angle of a single straight surface, or the angle of a joint between two straight surfaces. Built-in magnets on each unit's base can attach firmly to many surfaces you need to measure. The backlit LCD screen offers increased visibility, and the displayed readouts rotate to right side up when your level is in an upside down position—now that's truly innovation! Allstar digital levels are available in multiple styles, and use three included 3 V CR2032 batteries as a main power source.

Allstar Performance radiator fin combs are designed to straighten and repair damaged fins in most aluminum radiators, coolers, and air conditioning condensers. By repairing damaged fins, you can provide better airflow through the core, increasing cooling ability. The fins include six interchangeable heads, so you can use them on anything with aluminum fins.

Allstar Performance ground clearance indicators tell how low your car is sitting. These kits consist of an aluminum bracket that rivets to the frame and an adjustable plastic wear rod. Determine how close your frame is to the ground on the race track with these unique ground clearance indicators.

Allstar quick-turn fastener wrenches are designed to fit slot head fasteners and minimize the risk of fastener or body damage from using screwdrivers for tightening or loosening. These wrenches feature a non-slip hand grip for ease of use.

Longacre tough impact sockets designed to instantly kick out the lug nut. For 1/2" drive.

An accurate timing light is extremely important to the performance of your engine. MSD’s new Self-Powered Timing Light is a tool every performance tuner should have. A great feature of the Self-Powered Timing Light is that it does not require 12 volts. This means less wires are hanging over the engine compartment and makes for quick, easy checks. For power, the Light uses six AAA batteries. The lightweight assembly is injection molded for great durability and produces an intense strobe that is easy to view through 5,000 rpm. The inductive pick-up is detachable for easy storage.