Steel Tabs and Other Weld-ons

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Mild steel flat tabs have a straight edge and can be welded parallel to round tubing, square tubing or flat plate.

Finish off your frame, bumpers, or any tubing member with Allstar steel end caps. These caps are available in round, square, and rectangular styles. Complete your tubing ends and prevent rust with Allstar steel end caps.

Allstar chassis tube ends are designed to slide into steel tubing and be welded in place. They feature fine threaded steel construction and are ideal for building custom length suspension tubes. 3/8-24 tube ends use 3/4" tubing with 0.058" wall. 1/2-20 tube ends use 1" tubing with 0.065" wall.

This weld-in nut requires a 3/4 in. hole and has a 1/4 in. lip to weld to. 1/2 in.- 13, Set of 4