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JOES Tire Inflator Quick Fill Valve W/ 60 PSI 1% Digital Pressure Gauge is built with a quick fill valve that inflates tires fast. The digital gauge head has a back light, battery meter on the face and large numbers. 1% accuracy and 1/10th pound resolution give you the precision you need for optimal tire pressure. 

JOES Dial Tire Pressure Gauge comes with a 2-1/2" glow-in-the-dark dial face, air pressure release button, internal gauge damper, 17" ultra flexible hose with a swivel chuck.

Longacre Dial Tire Pressure Gauge has a 2" Glow-In-The-Dark dial face and air pressure release button. Internal gauge damper for more accurate readings and longer life. Flexible 14" hose with angle chuck installed - also includes ball chuck.

Allstar 2 in. gauges have a 12 in. flexible hose with a swivel chuck and pressure release valve for easy pressure checks.

JOES Digital Tire Pressure Gauge provides top quality at an affordable price. Nice size backlit numbers are easy to read even at night. Laboratory Calibration to 1% Accuracy at .1 resolution for the 0-60 option and .5 resolution for the 0-150 option.

Longacre Digital Tire Pressure Gauge gas a 2 1/2" face with larger easy-to-read numbers. Reads to .1 psi with .5% accuracy (1/2 of 1%). 17" hi-flex hose with swivel angle chuck - also includes ball chuck. Auto Off feature to save battery.

The JOES Tire Purging & Set tool come with 3 springs allowing you to set the bleed valve for nearly any type of racing. Top teams clip on several JOES Purging & Set tools allowing their tire specialist to purge and adjust multiple sets of tires simultaneously. The days of standing around waiting for air to drain are over. Just clip on the JOES Tire Purging & Set tool and go. 

JOES Air Tanks are portable and lightweight. Tanks are equipped with a Quick Fill fitting to save you time. 23-1/2" or 2'8" high from base to handle.

Longacre Stagger Gauge has a roller on one end makes measurements easier. 3/8" thick T6 billet aluminum arms for rigidity and accurate readings. Measures from 62" to 115" in 1/8" increments.

Allstar Stagger Gauge measures tire diameter and automatically converts it to circumference. Strong tubular construction will not flex. Gives accurate and consistent stagger measurements every time. Gauge measures from 65" to 115" in " increments.

 Longacre Infrared Laser Pyrometer has instant response, non-contact temps. Back lites for night use. °F or °C. Laser sighting for accuracy. Holds readings longer for easier use. Measures to 600°F.

Economy tape measures check stagger and diameter. Lockable tape blade with pointed end. The blade is 1/4 in. wide with 1/16 in. increments. 

Deluxe tape measures check stagger and diameter. Non-lockable tape blade with squared tape end. The blade is 1/4 in. wide with 1/32 in. increments.

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