Trailing Arm Mount

J2 Racing

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JOES Rear Mount has been updated with a keyway to locate the mount and prevent rotation on the axle tube. The mount includes keys for both a steel and aluminum axle tubes. Simply Locate your rear end, slip the key in place and weld the key to the axle tube. JOES superior design allows close mounting to the wheel and tire. Axle centerline to shock mount measures 6-5/8" vertically. Shock absorbers are located by a press-in steel boss and threaded 1/2" stud. Rear Mounts clamp securely to 3" diameter axle tubes. 

Allstar front Trailing Arm Bracket (Slider Box) welds to frame. Made from 1/8" rectangular x 1" wide x 6" tall and 2" deep long steel tubing with a 3/4" machined slot for adjustment. May also be used as a front third link mount. Sold each.

Allstar adjuster for slider boxes commonly used for trailing arms, panhard bars and upper links can now be quickly adjusted with a wrench, socket or possibly a remote adjuster. Threaded adjuster block features a reference indicator.

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