Body Supports and Hardware

J2 Racing

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JOES supports swivel to allow a full range of motion for use on fenders, spoilers, front splitters, windows and more. Available in 4", 5", 6", 8" and 9" lengths.

Pathfinder body braces add rigidity and strength to critical parts of the body.

JOES Dual Fender Brace Kit includes 2 rods to give extra support to your fenders and quarters. The frame bracket is built to hold the 2 rods on the inside and brackets are included for a clean mount to your body. The dual kit is adjustable so you can adjust your fenders for aero balance. Available in aluminum or flexible plastic.

Allstar ludwig clamps are designed to secure dash panels, deck lids, and other items to the body. They are made from quality materials and then stamped into shape.

Allstar flush mount fasteners make an excellent choice for securing body panels, roof panels, nose supports, spoiler sides, and more. These flush mount bolts have a beveled head to provide a smooth, finished appearance and are slotted for installation with a standard screwdriver.

Allstar flush head self-ejecting button fasteners are must-haves for fast pit work and body panel removal at the track. These fasteners are spring-loaded, keeping hold of the buttons to ensure that they won't be dropped and lost.


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