Radiator and Cooling Accessories

J2 Racing

  • $ 12.95

Racing radiator cap available in two pressure ranges.

 JOES Water Outlet Fittings are compact and lightweight. They have a #16 or #20 for your radiator hose. The base has an O-Ring for sealing to your intake manifold.

JOES Aluminum Radiator Overflow Fitting acts as a signal to the driver indicating a possible overheating condition as the cooling system pushes out water. Fitting with threaded body and nut, mounts in a body panel outside the drivers compartment.

JOES Radiator Mount clamps right on without welding! Top clamps unbolt quickly for easy radiator removal. Easily locates radiator side to side. Multiple mounting holes make quick work out of mounting your radiator. Adjustable billet slider clamps hold radiators securely in place. Air box can be fasted to the brackets. Billet mounts, multiple mounting holes for easy adjustment, powder coated finish. Max. height 20" & max. width 3". Clamp size is 1-3/4".

Allstar radiator inlet nipple to straight cut fittings are designed to fit your Allstar Performance radiator and allow you to attach the 1-1/2" radiator hose.

Allstar Radiator Upper Support Channel, 2" x 21.5"

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