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QuickCar Battery Cable Kit comes with 2 Gauge or 4 Gauge Cable, Terminals and Power Rings. The best battery cable money can buy. Includes 15 feet of red wire, 2 feet of black wire, a pair of marine style battery terminals, and 8 gold plated power ring terminals with shrink tubing. Sold one complete kit.

Longacre Battery cable kit. 84 strand, 10' cable. Kit includes top quality high amp battery cable, end terminals, color coded terminal boots to prevent arcing, Firebraid™ insulation, firewall grommet, Adel clamps and wire ties for a neat and safe installation.

Heavy Duty Ground Strap Braided - 14" long - to complete the installation.

Heavy Duty 12 Gauge Wiring Harness Makes wiring a snap! Plugs into all Longacre switch panels. Color coded wires match Longacre dash panels too, for a high quality, professional job. Saves time, hassle and confusion.

High temp silicone insulated wire for a safe, clean installation. 15 ft roll of 16 gauge color coded wire.


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